At LINAGORA Labs, research and development are interdependent.

Guided by LINAGORA’s philosophy of providing open-source, privacy-aware products, our research program is dedicated to providing ethical, cutting-edge capabilities in speech recognition, natural language understanding, collaboration tools and distributed architectures. Our team of computer scientists, language experts, and engineers integrate the latest research into our productivity software offerings as part of a development strategy of continuous delivery and user feedback. LINAGORA Labs is equally involved in first-order French and European research projects, which allow us to realize our vision of providing open source solutions that bring innovation, and the keys to innovation, into more hands.

Research Topics

Open Source

LINAGORA Labs conducts research as well as development within the open source paradigm, allowing for meaningful collaboration and bidirectional exchange between upstream AI research and product development. This is exemplified through our approach to community, collaboration and education.

Community: Inclusion is key, so we invite everyone to participate in the process of innovation.

Collaboration: We bridge research institutions to create a knowledge infrastructure implicating actors in all different fields.

Education: We believe in democratizing information through clear explanations and demonstrations attuned to all different viewpoints in order to inspire general creative and intellectual growth, but also to ensure that innovation is not held in the hands of a powerful few.

Our Research Partners