COoperative Real-Time EXperiences with EXtended reality

The mission of CORTEX² is to bridge the divide between widespread video-conferencing tools and state-of-the art XR-based solutions, democratizing the uptake of next-generation eXtended Reality tele-cooperation among a large number of industrial segments and SMEs. To this aim, the project will provide:

  • Full support for AR experience as extension of videoconferencing systems when using heterogeneous services end devices through a novel Mediation Gateway platform.
  • Resource-efficient teleconferencing tools through innovative transmission methods and automatic summarization of shared long documents.
  • User-friendly and powerful XR experiences with instant 3D reconstruction of environments and objects and simplified use of natural gestures in collaborative meetings.
  • Fusion of vision and audio for multi-channel semantic interpretation and enhanced tools such as dialoguing virtual conversational agents and automatic meeting summarization.
  • Full integration of IoT devices in XR experiences to optimize interaction with running systems and processes.
  • Optimal extension possibilities and wide uptake opportunity through the delivery of the core system with open APIs and the organization of Open calls (FSTP) for extensions towards more technical modules and more use cases in various segments.

European project (Innovation Action) funded under : Horizon Europe CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-25

1 September 2022 – 31 August 2025

Lead: DFKI


Jean-Pierre Lorré

Jean-Pierre Lorré

R&D Director
Julie Hunter

Julie Hunter

Head of Language team
Yazid Benazzouz

Yazid Benazzouz

Autonomic Computing


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