Agile Cloud Network for Supply Chain Logistics

Major product chains involve numerous actors: from the companies that provide parts and raw materials, to those involved in the actual manufacturing, to the entities who will ultimately sell the products to customers. The decision of what and how many products to make is based on projections about consumer demand and market supply, but rarely do these projections prove to be 100% accurate.

Because each part of the chain depends in some way on the others, and possibly even on other supply chains in which the various actors are involved, one shift in the chain can lead to a domino effect that is very difficult, and costly, to manage. The objective of the CAASC project is to develop models of reactive planning for supply chains when projections prove inaccurate.

Ecole des Mines d’Albi brings expertise on modeling supply chain behavior, and IRIT, on modeling uncertainty and reactive planning. LINAGORA’s collaborative platform, OpenPaaS, provides the cloud network via which the different actors in Pierre-Fabre’s production lines, the use case considered in CAASC, share their information about their projections—and the ultimate reality—of stocks and supplies.

ANR project (ANR-18-CE10-0012)
October 2018 – September 2022
Lead: École des Mines d’Albi


Jean-Pierre Lorré

Jean-Pierre Lorré

R&D Director
Yazid Benazzouz

Yazid Benazzouz

Autonomic Computing
Sarah Zribi

Sarah Zribi

Project Manager


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