Adaptive Smart Business Multimodal Bot

MultiBot brings the expertise of LINAGORA in speech transcription and generation together with the experience of Synapse Développement in building chatbots and extracting information from documents to develop a conversational assistant that can interact with users via both voice and chat. The project also aims to develop language models that can be automatically adapted to new contexts and vocabularies without having to hardcode new information, so that they can be useful to a wide variety of users.


The project focuses on two use cases, both provided by Softeam: that of e-Citiz, in which users can use the assistant to guide them through tasks in government administration, and Ubiloop, an assistant that allows users to report incidents on the highway.


Occitanie Région – Readynov

1 June, 2020 – 31 May, 2023

Lead: Softeam e-Citiz

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Jean-Pierre Lorré

Jean-Pierre Lorré

R&D Director
Damien Lainé

Damien Lainé

Head Of R&D Engineering
Zied Sellami

Zied Sellami



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