Smart Collaborative Platform for Remote Work

As more and more employees are expected to be working from home in the coming years for a variety of reasons— ranging from environmental concerns to health crises like that triggered by Covid-19—LINAGORA has set out to create an open, resilient and secure platform to facilitate collaboration between employees working remotely.


The platform, to be developed in the WORK@HOME project, will offer new and improved features that expand on the OpenPaaS platform, including smart mail, shared calendars, secure file sharing with Linshare, team channels on Twake, direct video conferencing, and an office suite via Only Office with collaborative document editing, as well as integration with the LinTO assistant platform and the Conversation Manager.


In addition, WORK@HOME will directly address two challenges introduced by remote working. First, it will be designed to handle very high levels of data storage and exchange. Second, it will take advantage of the increased traces left by remote work—e.g., video calls with their associated transcriptions, chat and email threads that might have otherwise been handled in person, more collaborative documents—to synthesize information across channels and automatically summarize decisions, plans, and other important information.


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Jean-Pierre Lorré

Jean-PIerre Lorré

R&D Director
Damien Lainé

Damien Lainé

Head Of R&D Engineering
Zied Sellami

Zied Sellami

Sarah Zribi

Sarah Zribi

Project Manager